In Italy, storytelling is an art that is as integral to the culture as philosophy, fine art, and sharing wine with friends. Stoytelling is the way that we pass history, knowledge, and wisdom down through generations. In Italy, the master of storytelling is Nobel Laureate, Dario Fo; he redifiend the art, and brought Commedia dell'Arte back onto the world stage. Fo has done it again with his newest unpublished work, Storia di Qu, created in partnership with his late wife and expert performer, Franca Rame. 


In this tradition of storytelling, the concept of continuity is key, the story continues internally, the story continues to be told- passed on to generations, and the art of Storytelling continues to be passed on. We not only get the chance to work on Dario Fo's new play, but we also get to work with his colleagues, Michele Bottini and Director Massimo Navone along with professionals and students from Italy and all over the world. 



We (The Group From UofL) have been invited by Michele Bottini, And Massimo Navone to perform in their troupe as part of the Ensemble for the WORLD PREMIERE of Dario Fo's NEW WORK -Storia di Qu- in the MILAN INTERNATIONAL EXPO!!!! This is an amazing opportunity for us, and we are so excited to get the chance to participate in an international theatrical production and share our wonderful Louisville community with the rest of the world. 

These are the Italian Masters with whom we will study and work in Milan. 


Dario Fo - (born 24 March 1926) is an Italian actor-playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage designer, songwriter and political campaigner, and recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature. "Arguably the most widely performed contemporary playwright in world theatre", much of his dramatic work depends on improvisation and comprises the recovery of "illegitimate" forms of theatre, such as those performed by giullari (medieval strolling players) and, more famously, the ancient Italian style of commedia dell'arte. [1]


Michele Bottini - born in Varese  in the north of Italy, completed his theatre studies in 1990 at the Scuola D’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan. Upon graduation he performed with several of the most prominent avant-garde theatre companies in Italy in the early nineties including the CRT from Milan and the CSRT from Pontedera. Subsequently he came into contact with the Piccolo Theatre of Milan where he worked with the renowned director Giorgio Strehler in several landmark shows. [2]


Massimo Navone - Born in Savona in 1958 and lives in Milan since 1972. He graduated in 1981 in the course of direction of the School of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. He graduated in dramaturgy at the DAMS of Bologna. Since 1982 he began his professional theater director and is parallel specializes in actor training following specific workshops in Italy and abroad. Since 1984 he has been teaching acting and directing at the School of Dramatic Arts Paolo Grassi in Milan, where he is currently Director. [3


This is where we are going to learn and perform. Every dollar you donate helps us be a part of this amazing poccess and gets us one step closer to here!

We spent our first two years learning at this fantastic university, and will be going back for the workshop this year, with your help.


Located in the hills overlooking Arezzo, Italy, the Accademia dell'Arte offers study abroad programs for undergraduates in the performing arts. In addition to semester-long programs in theatre, dance and music, the Accademia runs Summer and Winter intensive programs.


The Accademia also offers a fully accredited two and a half year MFA degree program in Physical Theatre. Students in the MFA program spend time in Arezzo as well as with professional companies across Europe in Berlin, Torino and the Czech Republic. Learn more about the MFA program at